Fantasy For Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure

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Fantasy For Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure

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She always craved oral sex play and wished she could enjoy more often.

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She always craved oral sex play and wished she could enjoy more often. Now she could. Her Ultimate Pleasure would be able to give her the intimate ecstasy she was looking for. First, she pressed the button to activate the vibration and then traced her body with the pulsating pinpoint pleasure. She knew this was going to feel so good deep inside her later - but first she wanted to explore the oral sensations.

She placed the oval cone of Her Ultimate Pleasure over her yearning mound. It perfectly cupped her labia, clitoris, and most sensitive lady bits. The pulsing, milking suction was perfectly timed to entice her soft skin, making her tender with sensation. It felt so incredible, as if her very essence was being seduced. She pressed another button and the motorized tongue began lapping her swollen clit. With each press, the smooth tongue sensually teased her sensitive sweet spot. She was enthralled with incredible pleasure as she explored all of the various tongue patterns.

​This was truly the most amazing sensation combination she had ever felt! And then, like a dream, her climax embraced her with breathless trembles. Her Ultimate Pleasure made her sexual fantasy come true.

Brand: Pipedream

Collection: Fantasy For Her

Product Details

Material: Silicone / TPE
Color: Purple
Power Source: USB Rechargable
Length: 10 inches

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Love it!!! - April 9, 2019
Reviewed By: NurseBunny

This toy is amazing! It does everything the package says it can! I love the combination of the licking motion and vibration; when the suction is added it�s a whole different level of amazing. I don�t get to �O� easily, but my first time with this toy has changed that!

I will say that placement of the toy is very important, especially when using the suction. The higher suction settings were actually a bit too much for me (I�ve NEVER said that about any toy- and I have several).

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